Saturday – December 14, 2019 – 8:00 PM

The house lights dim and the stage lights illuminate as the recorded introduction begins. There is a shared excited anticipation between the audience and the arrival of the band to the stage. Tonight there will be a celebration encompassing the love of the music of The Eagles. A love shared by millions of people around the world. The band that takes the stage shares this passion of their music and painstakingly recreates it’s likeness. This is a totally live experience without any prerecorded instruments or vocals added. In addition, the solo works of Eagles members, such as Don Henley and Joe Walsh, are added to the rich Eagles repertoire throughout the evening. As the joy envelops the audience, people sing along, sway, dance and cheer for an evening not soon forgotten. This is the recurring feeling each time you make the choice to enjoy a live performance from Desert Highway. Don’t take our word for it..

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