Audition Announcements


Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts will hold auditions for FUN HOME on Sunday May 6, 2018 at the theatre located at 2 East Main Street, Smithtown.

CHILDREN Ages 8 – 13 will be seen for Small Alison, Christian & John from 10 – 11:30 AM.
ADULTS 18+ will be seen for all other roles 11:30-1 PM.

Callbacks will be held immediately following the adult auditions on Sunday May 6. You will be asked to stay if you are needed for callbacks.

(18 years of age and up are eligible for performance stipend). ALL ROLES ARE OPEN.
The roles of Small Alison, Christian & John will be double-cast.

PARENT’S NOTE: Fun Home contains mature themes, and while the children are not onstage for much of the mature content, they will be taking part in the entire rehearsal process and will be aware of the content of the show. Parental discretion is advised.

Performances are:

Sat, Sept 8, 8 PM
Sun, Sept 9, 3 PM
Thurs, September 13, 8 PM
Sat, Sept 15, 8 PM
Sun, Sept 16, 3 PM
Thurs, Sept 20, 2 PM
Fri, Sept 21, 8 PM
Sat, Sept 22, 8 PM
Sun, Sept 23, 3 PM
Thurs, Sept 27, 8 PM
Fri, Sept 28, 8 PM
Sat, Sept 29, 8 PM
Sun, Sept 30, 3 PM
Thurs, October 4, 8PM
Fri, October 5, 8PM
Thu, October 11, 8PM
Fri, October 12, 8PM
Sat, October 13, 8PM
Thurs, October 18, 8PM
Fri, October 19, 8PM
Sat, October 20, 8PM


Production has potential to run to Oct 21, 2018. All performers must be available through that date.

Rehearsals will begin in August and will be weekday evenings with possible added weekend times as the theatre’s availability allows. Prepare 16 bars from an appropriate musical showing your range. Bring photo and resume.

For further information or if you have questions please email ONLY


Director: Ken Washington
Musical Director: Melissa Coyle

Character Breakdown:

ALISON – Alison Bechdel in her early 40s. The narrator of this story. Now a self-aware adult, she is able to reflect insightfully on her own life and her relationship with her father before his tragic death. Must be a strong singer who can move seamlessly in vocal quality from speech to song. Range = low E to light belt C sharp.

MEDIUM ALISON (Early to mid-20s to play 19) – Alison Bechdel as a freshman at Oberlin college, discovering her sexuality. For an incredibly well-read, hyper-intelligent teenager, her uncertainty about who she is makes her socially awkward at times. Must be a strong singer who can move seamlessly in vocal quality from speech to song. Strong mix-belt to C and effortless mix to E.

SMALL ALISON (Ages 10 -12 to play younger) – Alison Bechdel as a child, around 8 years old when we meet her. Precocious and opinionated. On the cusp of finding herself and forming her own views on how a girl her age should behave and dress. Seeking an actress who is confident and intelligent. Must be a strong singer who can move seamlessly in vocal quality from speech to song, natural sound, B to E5.

BRUCE (Age 40s) – Alison’s father. A high-school English teacher and funeral home director, who spends his spare time on the historic restoration of his home. A complex man with a hot temper as a result of years of repression. He can be caring and attentive to his children but is also quick to anger. Must be a strong singer who can move seamlessly in vocal quality from speech to song. Range = B to G.

HELEN (Age 40s): Alison’s mother. Frustrated and exhausted by her tumultuous marriage. She has spent her life trying to be a good mother and wife while turning a blind eye to the irreverent activities of her husband. Must be a strong singer who can move seamlessly in vocal quality from speech to song. Range = A flat to strong mixed E.

CHRISTIAN BECHDEL (ages 11-13 to play younger) – Alison’s older brother, around 10 years old when we meet him. As the oldest of the three children he strives to be the leader, but is sometimes overshadowed by Alison’s strong personality. Seeking a singer (pre-pubescent) with a natural sound, good sense of harmony and pitch.

JOHN BECHDEL (ages 8-10 to play younger) – Alison’s younger brother, around 6 years old when we meet him. Like most boys his age, he is full of energy with a quirky imagination. Looks up to his siblings. Seeking a singer with a natural sound, good sense of harmony and pitch.

JOAN – A student at Oberlin. She exudes a confident, sexual energy, with a dry sense of humor. Unlike Alison, Joan is very comfortable in her skin and openly identifies as a lesbian. Must be comfortable with harmony singing, alto lines.

ROY / PETE/ MARK / BOBBY JEREMY (Early 20s) – Roy, a young man Bruce hires to do yard work; Pete, a mourner who visits the funeral home; Mark, a high school junior; Bobby Jeremy, the lead singer of a band in Alison’s imagination. Seeking a singer with a strong clean 70s pop sound – to a B.

Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts will hold auditions for boys and girls ages 8 through 18 for MARY POPPINS JR. on Tuesday May 22Ages 8-11 will be seen from 7pm – 8:30pm and ages 12 – 18 will be seen from 8:30pm – 10 pm at the theater located at: 2 East Main Street, Smithtown.


Performances are:
September 15, 2pm
September 16, 11am
September 22, 2pm
September 23, 11am
September 29, 2pm
September 30, 11am
Sat October 6, 2pm
Sun October 7, 2pm
Mon October 8, 2pm
Sat October 13, 2pm
Sun October 14, 2pm
Sat October 20, 2pm
Sun October 21, 2pm
Sat October 27, 2pm
Sun October 28, 2pm


Rehearsals will begin July 9 and will be Mon-Thurs 4:30 – 6:30 pm based on the theatre’s availability– and Mon-Fri 4-8pm beginning September 10 leading up to opening.

There are NO rehearsal conflicts the week of tech week, September 10-14 – no exceptions!

There is no audition fee, but a $200 performance fee must be paid at the parent meeting on Wed May 30 at 7 pm.


Prepare 16-32 bars of a musical theatre song of your choice.   You may not be asked to sing the entire song, so select a portion that best shows off your voice, just in case.  Bring sheet music in a binder! An accompanist will be provided. Please bring a headshot and resume.  If you do not have a headshot, we may take a picture of you at auditions.

If needed, Call Backs will be on Saturday May 26 from 10am – 1pm.  Callback notifications will be emailed. If you do not receive a callback email, it does not mean that you are not cast in the production!

There are no other dates/times for auditions or callbacks. If you cannot attend the audition, please email a video submission to including 32 bars of a song using piano or karaoke.

Director: Jordan Hue
Musical Director: Melissa Coyle
Choreographer: Michelle Rubino

Character Breakdown


The narrator of the story, is a good friend to Mary Poppins. An everyman, Bert is a chimney sweep and a sidewalk artist, among many other occupations. With a twinkle in his eye and a skip in his step, Bert watches over the children and the goings-on around Cherry Tree Lane. He is a song-and-dance man with oodles of charm who is wise beyond his years.

Gender: Male
Vocal range top: F4
Vocal range bottom: B2

George Banks

Husband to Winifred and father to Jane and Michael, is a banker to the very fiber of his being. Demanding “precision and order” in his household, he is a pip-and-slippers man who doesn’t have much to do with his children and believes that Miss Andrew, his cruel, strict childhood nanny, gave him the perfect upbringing. George’s emotional armor, however off-putting, conceals a sensitive soul.

Gender: Male
Vocal range top: F4
Vocal range bottom: Bb2

Winifred Banks

George’s wife and Jane and Michael’s mother. She is a loving homemaker who is busy trying to live up to her husband’s social aspirations while striving to be a model wife and mother.

Gender: Female
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: A3

Jane Banks

The high-spirited daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Banks, bright and precocious but can be willful and inclined to snobbishness.

Gender: Female
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: A3

Michael Banks

The cheeky son of Mr. and Mrs. Banks. Excitable and naughty, he adores his father and longs desperately for his attention. Both he and Jane misbehave in order to get the attention of their parents.

Gender: Male
Vocal range top: E5
Vocal range bottom: A3

Mrs. Brill

The housekeeper and cook for the Banks family. Overworked, she’s always complaining that the house is understaffed. Her intimidating exterior is a cover for the warmth underneath.

Gender: Female

Robertson Ay

The houseboy to the Banks family. Forgetful and clumsy, he often bungles simple tasks. Note: his last name is pronounced like “eye.”

Gender: Male

Mary Poppins

Jane and Michael Banks’s new nanny. She is extraordinary and strange, neat and tidy, delightfully vain yet very particular, and sometimes a little frightening, but she is always exciting. She is practically perfect in every way and always means what she says.

Gender: Female
Vocal range top: F5
Vocal range bottom: G3

Ensemble & Featured Characters include:

Katie Nanna

Katie Nanna is Jane and Michael’s nanny at the beginning of the show. Overwhelmed and upset, she has absolutely had her fill of the Banks children.

Gender: Female

Park Strollers

The Park Strollers are citizens of London who go from drab and dreary to bright and colorful as they get swept up in Mary Poppins’s adventures in the park.

Gender: Both


The Statues are stone sculptures. Thanks to Mary Poppins, these works of art come alive and dance with Bert and the Park Strollers.

Gender: Both


Neleus is a statue who, once brought to life by Mary Poppins, is very happy to befriend Jane and Michael.

Gender: Both
Vocal range top: Eb5
Vocal range bottom: Bb4

Bird Woman

The Bird Woman is covered in a patchwork of old shawls, her pockets stuffed with bags of crumbs for the birds. She tries to sell the crumbs to Passersby, who ignore her as if she doesn’t exist.

Gender: Female
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: G3


The Honeybees are conjured by Mary Poppins to help teach the children the benefits of “A Spoonful of Sugar.”

Gender: Both


The Clerks, like George, are employees at the bank.

Gender: Both

Miss Smythe

Miss Smythe is the bank Chairman’s humorless secretary.

Gender: Female


Chairman, the head of the bank where Mr. Banks is employed, is an Edwardian stuffed shirt.

Gender: Male

Von Hussler

Von Hussler is a businessman seeking a loan from the bank for a shady business deal.

Gender: Male

John Northbrook

John Northbrook is an honest businessman seeking a loan to build a factory for his community.

Gender: Male
Vocal range top: D4
Vocal range bottom: C3

Vagrants, Buskers, and Passerby

Vagrants, Buskers, and Passerby are citizens of London passing by the cathedral during “Feed the Birds.” They can also be the Park Strollers earlier in the show.

Gender: Both

Mrs. Corry

Mrs. Corry owns a magical Talking Shop. She is a mysterious woman of indeterminate age, but has plenty of spirit and is sharp as a tack.

Gender: Female
Vocal range bottom: C#4


The Customers are bright, colorful British citizens visiting Mrs. Corry’s Talking Shop. This group can be the same Park Strollers and Passersby from before.

Gender: Both

Miss Andrew

Miss Andrew is George’s overbearing and scary childhood nanny. With her bottle of nasty- tasting brimstone and treacle to keep naughty children in line, she is a bully who only knows one way of doing things: her way.

Gender: Female
Vocal range top: D5
Vocal range bottom: G#3

Kite Flyers

Kite Flyers consist of families flying kites in the park. They can also be comprised of the same ensemble members as the Park Strollers, the Passersby, and Mrs. Corry’s Customers.

Gender: Both

Chimney Sweeps

Chimney Sweeps (including Sweep 1,
 Sweep 2, Sweep 3, and Sweep 4) are Bert’s cheerful, friendly, and agile friends who keep London’s chimneys in working order.

Gender: Both

Policeman and the Messenger

The Policeman, a neighborhood patrol officer, and the Messenger, who delivers a summons to George from the bank.

Gender: Both