Audition Announcements

Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts will hold auditions for American Idiot at the theatre located at 2 East Main Street, Smithtown. 

AGES 18+ will be seen for roles on Wednesday, October 30th starting at 7PM. 

All performers will be considered for all roles regardless of race, gender expression, or disability. Due to the mature content of the show, we ask that all auditioning be 18 years of age and older. Performance stipend is offered to all actors. All roles are open. 

Performances are: March 21st, 2019 through April 26th, 2020 

Sat, March 21, 2020 – 8PM
Sun, March 22, 2020 – 3PM
Thu, March 26, 2020 – 2PM
Fri, March 27, 2020 – 8PM
Sat, March 28, 2020 – 8PM
Sun, March 29, 2020 – 3PM
Thu, April 2, 2020 – 8PM
Fri, April 3, 2020 – 8PM
Sat, April 4, 2020 – 8PM
Sun, April 5, 2020 – 3PM
Thu, April 9, 2020 – 8PM
Fri, April 10, 2020 – 8PM
Sat, April 11, 2020 – 8PM
Fri, April 17, 2020 – 8PM
Sat, April 18, 2020 – 8PM
Sun, April 19, 2020 – 3PM
Fri, April 24, 2020 – 8PM
Sat, April 25, 2020 – 8PM
Sun, April 26, 2020 – 3PM 

Rehearsals will begin in early February and will be weekday evenings with possible added weekend times as the theatre’s availability allows. There will be a provided rehearsal calendar at the audition. Please prepare 32 bars in the style of the show, whether musical theatre or Pop Punk. Please bring a headshot and resume. Callbacks will be held Saturday November 2nd at 2 PM, you will be emailed if you are needed for callbacks. Please refrain from calling the box office, as they have no more information than what is posted. 

For further information or if you have questions regarding the production, please email 

Director: Tommy Ranieri 

Choreographer: Ryan Cavanagh

Musical Director: Melissa Coyle 

Character Breakdown: 

Johnny – The self-proclaimed “Jesus of Suburbia.” Bored of his do-nothing, go-nowhere existence, he takes off for the city to get a new lease on life. He wages an inner war between a budding love for Whatsername and growing dependency on St. Jimmy and drugs. Vocal range top: B4 Vocal range bottom: B2 

Tunny – Johnny’s friend who follows him to the city and eventually enlists in the army. He travels to the Middle East. A dreamer who is easily swayed, first by Johnny’s ideas and then by patriotism and the American Dream. Vocal range top: B4 Vocal range bottom: D3 

Will – Johnny’s friend. He ends up staying in Suburbia to take care of pregnant girlfriend Heather. The more he stays on the couch, the more he becomes slowly disconnected from the world and his own relationships. Vocal range top: A4 Vocal range bottom: C#3 

St. Jimmy – Johnny’s alter ego. Known as the “city badass.” An enigmatic and charismatic enabler who gets Johnny addicted to drugs and grows jealous of his relationship with Whatsername. Vocal range top: F#5 Vocal range bottom: C3 

Heather – A girl in Suburbia and Will’s girlfriend. She discovers she is pregnant but has difficulty telling her boyfriend of the news. Once she settles down with him, she struggles to maintain their relationship with his despondency and eventually leaves him. Vocal range top: E5 Vocal range bottom: A3 

Whatsername – A girl in the city who falls for Johnny. A rebellious activist who is willing to follow Johnny to the ends of the earth, but fights to have him embrace their authentic relationship rather than pursue his addiction. Vocal range top: D#5 Vocal range bottom: F#3 

Extraordinary Girl – A girl in the Middle East who appears as a sexual hallucination to injured Tunny. Attractive and mysterious, she later appears as his nurse and accompanies him home after the war. Vocal range top: E5 Vocal range bottom: Bb3 

The Men (Carson, Daniel, Brandon, John, Jamal, Dustin, Jared)
The Women (Chelsea, Ashley, Aurie) 

Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts will hold auditions for Shrek Jr. on Tuesday October 15th and Wednesday October 16th at 4pm at the theatre located at 2 East Main Street, Smithtown. This call is for actors ranging from 5th-12th grade. All performers will be considered for all roles regardless of race, gender expression, or disability. Performers do not need to be the same gender as their character(s). Rehearsals will begin in mid November, and continue through December and January. Rehearsals will mainly be held Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm-7pm, there may be additional rehearsals outside of those times, and will be listed on the rehearsal calendar provided at auditions. Callbacks will be held Monday, October 21st 4pm-7pm. You will be emailed if you are needed for callbacks/cast in the production. Please refrain from calling the box office, as they have no more information than what is posted.
For the vocal audition, be prepared to sing 32 bars from an appropriate musical in a similar style to Shrek Jr., Please do NOT sing from the show. An accompanist will be provided, no a cappella singing allowed.

Please bring Headshot/Resume & sheet music in sheet protectors or hole punched and in a binder.
If cast, there will be a Mandatory Parent Meeting on Thursday, October 24th 5pm-6pm Production Fee: $200
Rehearsals begin Monday November 18th and are held Monday-Thursday. During tech week (January 26-February 1st) NO REHEARSAL CONFLICTS WILL BE ALLOWED

Production Team
Director: Tommy Ranieri
Musical Director: Melissa Coyle Stage Manager: Anthony M. Panarello

Performances are:
February 1st, 2020 through March 1st, 2020

Sat, February 1, 2020 – 2PM
Sun, February 2, 2020 – 2PM
Sat, February 8, 2020 – 2PM
Sun, February 9, 2020 – 11AM
Sat, February 15, 2020 – 2PM
Sun, February 16, 2020 – 11AM
Mon, February 17, 2020 – 1PM
Tue, February 18, 2020 – 1PM
Wed, February 19, 2020 – 1PM
Thu, February 20, 2020 – 1PM
Fri, February 21, 2020 – 1PM
Sat, February 22, 2020 – 2PM
Sun, February 23, 2020 – 11AM
Sat, February 29, 2020 – 2PM
Sun, March 1, 2020 – 11AM

Character Breakdown

Wonderful roles for performers with natural stage presence and big, clear voices. These characters are important for setting up the world and moving the story forward, so cast some bold, energetic young actors.

He may be a big, scary, green ogre to the rest of the world, but as the story reveals, he’s really just a big fellow with a big heart.

She may appear to be an ideal princess straight from the fairy tale books, but there is more to her than that stereotypical image. She is an audacious young lady with a wonderful sense of humor and – surprisingly – manners akin to those of a teenage boy.

Young Fiona
Young Fiona and Teen Fiona are younger versions of Fiona and should have solid singing voices.

Teen Fiona
Young Fiona and Teen Fiona are younger versions of Fiona and should have solid singing voices.

Lord Farquaad
A very short man with gargantuan ambition! He is solely interested in gaining as much power as possible.

A brash, loud, fast-talking animal with no concept of “quiet time.” Cast an experienced performer who can sing well and has a whole lot of presence and character.

A breakout role for a young girl with a lot of soul and spunk. She is a ferocious fire-breathing dragon but finds a surprising love in Donkey.

Mama Ogre
Good roles for a dynamic duo that can kick off the show with a lot of energy and presence.

Papa Ogre
Good roles for a dynamic duo that can kick off the show with a lot of energy and presence.

Little Ogre
A role just right for a smaller, younger performer who is new to the stage. He may not have lines but he is very important to the storytelling.

The wooden boy who cannot tell a lie without being belied by his growing nose. Pinocchio begins in a sour mood about his second-class status but ends the story as a natural leader among the Fairy Tale Creatures.

The Three Little Pigs
Pig 1, Pig 2 And Pig 3. The classic three little pigs with a German twist.

Ugly Duckling
He may be bitter about his unfortunate appearance, but he does find camaraderie among his fellow fairy tale outcasts.

The Three Bears
Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear.

Wicked Witch
A great role for a young performer destined to be a character actress. She has a big personality.

Big Bad Wolf
He doesn’t need to be a scary, threatening big-bad-wolf type. At this point, he’s a pretty tame wolf who is reduced to wearing Little Red Ridinghood’s grandmother’s dressing gown.

A great cameo role for a young performer who is as earnest as can be. Gingy is based on the Gingerbread Man who runs away like a fugitive from his baking captors.

Peter Pan
The boy who never grew up, and he continues to act the part in this story.

Captain Of The Guard
This role is just right for an actor with some inherent strength and authority.

The Dragon’s background singers who all tried at some point to save Fiona from her tower but were held hostage by the Dragon.

Farquaad’s comparably short and grumpy father.

The Fairy Tale Creatures make up the heart of the show. These characters are taken from the story books but have a bit of a comedic twist. Ensemble roles include : The Guards, Duloc Performers, Puss in Boots, Rooster, Pied Piper, Rats and the Bishop. Ensemble roles like Birds, Trees, Deer, Woodland Creatures and Fairy Tale Creatures help make up the backbone of the musical.