Audition Announcements

Let the Right One In
Adapted by Jack Thorne, Based on the Swedish Novel and Film by John Ajvide Lindqvist
Directed by Tommy Ranieri

Smithtown Center for the Performing Arts will hold auditions for Let the Right One In on March 21st at 8 PM at the theatre located at 2 East Main Street, Smithtown.

To schedule an audition, please email with headshot and resume. After you submit, you will be contacted via e-mail with a specific audition time. You will be provided sides in advance to prepare.

18 years of age and up are eligible for a performance stipend.
All roles are open with the exception of Hakan, which has already been cast.

Let the Right One In will run from September 7th – October 20th, 2019. All those cast must be available for a weekday matinee performance on Thursday, September 19th at 2 PM.
NO PERFORMANCE CONFLICTS. Please review performance dates for both shows at our website:

Callbacks will be held Sunday, March 24th at 6pm. You will be emailed if you are needed for callbacks.

Additional inquiries may be sent to DO NOT CONTACT THE BOX OFFICE. They do not have any information other than what is posted here.

Let the Right One In is a brutal and tender vampire myth told through the turbulence of a coming-of-age romance. Oskar, a lonely boy from a broken home, is bullied at school and longing for friendship. Eli, the young girl who moves in next door, doesn’t attend school and rarely leaves home. When a series of mysterious killings plagues the neighborhood, these two young misfits, sensing in each other a kindred spirit, forge a deep connection. But the shocking truth about one of them tests their young friendship—and love—beyond all imaginable limits.

Seeking an ensemble of nine to play multiple roles. Available character tracks are listed below.


ELI: (Character is 13 years old to be played by an actor 18 – mid 20s who can play adolescent character) Seems like an eccentric young woman; is in fact a centuries old, non-binary vampire. Eli’s character is permanently frozen at the physical age of thirteen due to the effects of vampirism. Extremely agile; very manipulative. Despite Eli’s desire for solitude, Eli befriends Oskar, sensing their shared loneliness. Can seem somewhat cold and distant, but Eli’s relationship with Oskar exposes a warmer side of Eli’s personality. Looking for a physically adept actor.

OSKAR: (Character is 13 years old to be played by an actor 18 – mid 20s who can play an adolescent character) Oskar is a bullied, lonely teenage boy living with his mother on a housing estate at the edge of town, when a spate of sinister killings rock the neighborhood. His troubled home life and struggles with school bullies render him a quiet and vulnerable person. However, his relationship with Eli draws out a soft, playful, and also resilient aspect of his character. Looking for an actor who can contain his rage with patience.

JONNY: (Character is 15 years old to be played by an actor 18 – mid 20s who can play an adolescent) If not older than Oskar, certainly bigger and stronger. Enjoys inflicting pain on others, especially Oskar. The second oldest among four siblings, Jonny came from a broken home; his father and mother separated when he was four years old. Jonny and his older brother, Jimmy, were raised by their mother. Looking for a physically intimidating actor who could convincingly appear to be a teenager.

MICKE: (Character is 14 years old to be played by an actor 18 – mid 20s who can play an adolescent) A part of Jonny’s gang; he takes part in the constant bullying of Oskar, but with less relish than Jonny. Jonny’s sidekick. There seems to be a history between Micke and Oskar, suggesting the two may have been friends at one point. Looking for a physically intimidating actor who could convincingly appear to be a teenager.

KURT/JOCKE/NILS/DAD/STEFAN: (All characters are in the 30 to 50 years age range and will be played by and actor of similar age) Kurt is a world-weary sweet shop owner who doesn’t really have much time for annoying children, but still looks out for Oskar a little and regards him with sympathy. This is a multi-role part also playing Jocke/Nils/Dad/Stefan. Oskar’s dad is neglectful and has a distant relationship with Oskar. Seems to have left Oskar’s Mum for a younger man.

HALMBERG/MR. AVILA: (Character and Actor are in their Late 40s) Policeman, thoroughly perplexed by the goings-on but trying his best to keep everyone safe and calm. Mr. Avila served as a fighter pilot at some point in his earlier life and later became a Physical Education teacher at a school in Vällingby. Has an affinity for fire drills and believed that physical exercise was the answer to almost any problem.

JIMMY/TORKEL/JANNE: (Characters range in age from 20s – early 30s – appropriately aged actor is sought) Jimmy is the older brother of Jonny. He is shown to be more sadistic than his younger brother, whom he openly treats poorly, and is just as much a bully. He shows up in the story after Oskar stands up to Jonny. Also plays Torkel and Janne. Janne is Oskar’s Dad’s possible lover and Torkel is murdered at the top of the play.

OSKAR’S MUM: (Character is in her late 30 Late 30s – Early 50s can be portrayed by an actress in the late 30- 50 years of age range) A sallow-faced, overwhelmed-looking woman. Long-suffering, probably alcoholic. Most likely loves Oskar and is well-meaning, but struggles with looking after him and resents his father’s post-divorce lack of involvement in his life.