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    44. ­čśÉ Where are all the good songs? I swear down I hate people's music tastes.´╗┐ Talk´╗┐ ur 28. 10/7 Not bad shakira:'D where is diamonds´╗┐ im so glad that faded is in there. :D´╗┐ Sia is fucking ritarded´╗┐ before you comment 'where the bloody heck is Gangnam Style and See You 16. 7/10 buy price viagra I'm surprised there are Spanish songs on there! That's so cool! ^3^´╗┐ 19. 6/10 16. 10/8 Not bad Rihanna.. BBHMM is better 18. 10/9 Twenty One is my new favourite alternative hip hop artits buy viagra cheap price 10. 10/5 ..

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